Custom Crystal Necklace

Custom Crystal Necklace


Custom jewelry for men and women. This right here is a Hematite necklace, with a Cancer talisman medallion.
Hematite aka "blood stone" crystal is made out of iron, which gives it a metallic sheen. The dark color is believed to be intimidating or protective..and was used in Ancient times as decorative stones to put on armor. It is used for grounding and finding balance in your life. It is used to clear and activate your Root Chakra, which is our body's energy center that anchors us to Mother Earth providing feeling of stability. 

Hematite absorbs negative energy, absorbing toxic emotions, stress, anxiety, and worry. The shine that hematite provides reminds us of the stars, a force as powerful as sunlight, yet soft and subdued. Native Americans believed that the stars in the sky are the campfires of our Ancestors. Hematite's message is to remind you to go outside, reconnect with your Spirit and Ancestors. In addition, hematite is also usee for manifestation. It can help you transform your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Cleanse your crystal by Lunar or Solar energy. I am using solar energy (why it's on the window), selenite and clear quartz to cleanse this particular piece. 

Prices vary according to the quality of the crystals..and jewelry piece (i.e. earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, talismans, etc.) ✌🏽🖤🕯

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