How to: Use Rootwork Oils

Rootwork or Spiritual Oils are a convenient way to apply formulas made from real herbs and essences to a candle, your body, your environment or even another person. 

These formulas are made the old fashioned way - with real herbs, minerals and essential oils added to an Almond oil base. Look in the bottle and you'll see real pieces of the herbs inside!

Each bottle of annointing oil has its own magikal properties from the natural herbs and infused with Reiki Energy and the specific intents to help you bring what you are desiring.

Most people generally use oils to annoint themselves, take a small amount and rub on your skin, you can also annoint candles for candle magik, or objects.  Add them to your bath water, or use a small amount on your hair to keep it replenished and moisturized.

You can also write down your intentions and goals on a small piece of paper. Make sure you are specific and you visualize your desired outcome as if you already have it. Annoint the paper, and if you are wanting to "attract" something, fold the paper toward you. Rotate clockwise, and fold it again, and repeat this until you cannot fold anymore. You can then tuck it in a safe place, for example, under your pillow, under your left foot in your shoe, in your wallet, etc..just make sure it is close to you. Don't let anyone else see your intention paper. Take time out throughout the day as often as you like, to view and remind yourself of your desires and goals. The power of the oil, along with your energy will help manifest. 

If you are using it for candle magik, you can carve out your intention on the candle. Make sure to be specific. Annoint the candle, if you want to attract something, annoint it from the bottom working your way up. If you want to cast something away, annoint the candle from the top going down. You can also write an intention paper, and tuck it away under the candle if desired. Say a prayer, or meditate and visualize your goals and desires. 

Most importantly, I want you to realize that you make your own magick and set your own goals. There is really no wrong or right way to do things, as long as what you are doing feels right to you. Remember, "ENERGY" is not limited to time, space, or distance.  You are working with the energies from the Universe and the Divine!

If you have additional questions on how to use the oils, feel free to contact Marjorie at BehatiReiki@gmail.com.

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Spiritual Bath Soaks

What is Spiritual Bathing?

Spiritual Bathing is a hallmark of the Hoodoo Tradition, a term denoting African American folk magick which incorporates elements from both African and European religions in terms of its core beliefs. In many magickal traditions, including Hoodoo, bathing is often done prior to performing a magickal operation to ensure that one is both physically and spiritually clean. However, in Hoodoo, a spiritual bath is often a magickal operation in and of itself. Baths are prescribed for a plethora of conditions, for example love, protection, cleansing, uncrossing, etc…

Origin and Development

Spiritual Baths were born out of a need for individuals to feel and be spiritually clean, as well as the draw those influences needed or wanted to address a specific issue in our lives. In earlier times, people traveled over long distances to be treated by a Rootworker, often staying overnight. The Rootworker would rise up before day break and prepare a bath for the client. A bath was prepared in a wash tub, and when all was ready, the client was brought into the room. After instructing the client on how to bathe, the Rootworker would leave the room.

When people migrated to the cities early in the 20th century, the Rootworkers adapted due to the fact that overnight stays were no longer necessary. Clients who were prescribed baths now given either a prepared bath in a gallon jug, or a packet of dried herbs with complete instructions on how and when to prepare and perform the bath as well as how to dispose of the water.

Composition of Baths

If you perform a search for spiritual bath recipes online you will find a plethora of examples. However, most if not all, baths will be comprised of a variation of a Mineral (bath salts, saltpeter, bluestone, etc...), a Chemical (Ammonia, Pine-Sol, Condition Oils etc…), or an Herb (Lavender, Mint, Hyssop, etc...).

The ingredients used in a spiritual bath will correspond to one’s intention or goal. For example, if you wish to draw money you will use those minerals, chemicals, and/or herbs which are traditionally believed to draw money. The same goes with other types of goals as well.

When to Engage in a Spiritual Bath

As stated earlier, spiritual bathing is often done prior to performing a spell or working. In some cases, however, such as cursing--- a spiritual bath may be performed after a working for the purpose of removing one’s sin. In accordance with the tradition of observing times, there are three main factors to consider when deciding the time to perform a spiritual bath. They are:

1) Moon Phase- To draw something to you, bathe when the moon is waxing, to draw something away from you, bathe at the waning moon.

2) Day of the Week- To be successful in attaining one’s goal, it is believed that you should begin your work on the day that is traditionally associated with your goal. They are:

Sunday- Success and Wealth

Monday- Psychicism, spiritualism.

Tuesday- Lust and passion.

Wednesday- Heath and vitality.

Thursday- Gambling and luck.

Friday- Love and friendship.

Saturday- Protection and uncrossing.

3) Hour of the Day- To draw or attract, perform the bath when both clock hands are rising; to repel, bath when both hands are falling, and avoid those times when one hand is rising while the other is falling. However, it should also be noted that the most traditional time of the day to perform a spiritual bath is early in the morning near sunrise.