Aphrodite Full Moon Love Oil

Aphrodite Full Moon Love Oil

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The Aphrodite Full Moon Love Oil is infused with the energy of the Full Moon, making it a truly powerful intention oil. The Aphrodite Full Moon Love Oil contains specially blended oils that helps attract love, as well as promote self-love, build self-esteem and promotes emotional healing. In addition, it is infused with Reiki energy that works with your Heart Chakra.

Jasmine helps attract love, and aides in prophetic dreams

Rose Buds helps love, sexuality and self love

Patchouli brings attraction, sexuality and wealth

Wild Cherry Bark helps open blockages and attraction

Mandrake Root is widely known for its uses in fertility, protection, and detoxification

Red Cedar Leaf is used to bring in love and purification

This oil also includes a special blend of natural spices that help promote love, compassion, healing, blessings, and happiness.