Goddess Venus Yoni Steam Bag (herbs)

Goddess Venus Yoni Steam Bag (herbs)


The Goddess Venus Yoni steam bag includes 12 organic herbs that will help you release toxins from your female parts. Includes healing properties from each of the herbs.

Lavender: Use for love, sleep, protection, calmness. It is associated with love and attracting males, has been used in many traditions for protection and purification

Red Clover: Cleanse, Success, Sweetness. Equated with “the honey of life”. It is used to remove negativity and for cleansing. Also used in rituals to attract success.

Ginko Leaf: Circulation, Mental Strength.

Eucalyptus Leaf: Purification, healing, protection.

White Willow Bark: Love, Divination, Healing. Used to attract love, protect, relieve pain.

Chickweed: Love, Strengthen Relationships, Cleanse. Also used for skin inflammations.

Peppermint Leaf: Prophecy, Healing, Purification. Also increases vibrations for healing and purification.

Calendula Flowers: Psychic, Protection, Healing

Yarrow Flower: Love, Psychic Opening, Courage, Exorcism

Roses: Love, Self-Love, Attraction, Sexual Empowerment, Feminine Energy

Motherwort Root: Calm, Cleanse, Protect Feminine Energy

Patchoulli: Wealth, attraction, sexuality

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