New Moon Hydrating Mist

New Moon Hydrating Mist


BehatiReiki's Full Moon Hydrating mist is great for keeping your skin hydrated during hot summer days or dry winter nights. Not only does your skin get hydrated, but it also has healing properties. Helps relieve anxiety, detoxes, purifies, and so much more! Perfect to put in your purse and whip it out everytime you need a pick me up throughout your day! 

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Charged with the New Moon's energy, the New Moon Hydrating Mist will keep you and your skin supple and hydrated. Includes Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Lavender, and distilled water..along with a little something extra! The mist is infused with Reiki energy.

Sweet Orange helps with anxiety, detoxification, purifying, and heightens your energy for emotional psychic tasks.

Jasmine acts as an aphrodesiac, helping to open romance, dreams, and optimism

Lavender helps with intuition, emotional balance, peace, and Spiritual love. Helps calm, and helps with anxiety and insomnia.