Prosperity Drawing Intention Oil

Prosperity Drawing Intention Oil


The Prosperity Drawing oil helps attract prosperity and abundance into your life. Use it to attract and manifest money, wealth,  and more. The formula can help draw in more "long-term" financial gains and success. You can annoint yourself, your wallet and/or money. 

Ingredients used: 

Grapeseed oil (SPF 4)

Mandrake Root: attracks prosperity, success, love, and abundance. Mandrake root was commonly used by Native Americans and has many medicinal purposes.

Cinnamon:  works as an anti-depressant, anti-viral, antibiotic. Helps with infections, colds, arthritis. It energizes love, physical energy, prosperity, and mood.

Patchouli: has many properties. It helps fight infections, acts as an insect repellant, skin, dandruff, stress, addictions, and detoxifies. Known as an ingredient for love/sexual desires, Patchouli helps sexual arousal/desires, invigorates, eases frigidity-impotence, and is also used for prosperity

Bergamot: works as an anti-depressant, helps with cold sores, fevers, PMS, oily skin, and immunity issues. Bergamot helps to balance effect between stimulating and relaxing, opens the heart chakra, and enhances courage.

High John the Conqueror root:  is one of the staples of African-American folk magic. It is used to "conqueror" many obstacles that may come your way. It is very powerful and is used to draw in luck and strength.

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