Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho


Rose of Jericho is considered the "resurrection plant". Many spiritualists believe it brings on perseverance, survival, and immortality. It is found in the desserts of the middle east, with long ties to many religious beliefs. The plant will open up as the roots soak in water. As the plant comes back to life, it can be very powerful to use with your set intentions. They are considered talismans for assurance, gifts, and success.  You should also say a small prayer to your God of understanding, depending on what you believe.

"Heavenly Rose of Jericho, by the blessing that you have from the God and angels, by the effortlessness and influence that you have, help me vanquish the troubles of life, gift me well being, quality, joy, serenity, and peace to profit to cover my needs and those of my family and my crew." 

Give the plant a few days to fully bloom, change out the water as needed. I like to use natural spring water. 

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